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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blogger Love [1]

Blogger Love is a weekly event hosted by Jude over at In Between Writing and Reading where you share your love for a fellow blogger.

This week I'm happy to feature Vampyre Gurls Book Club for their amazing posts and providing such a fun blog! And I'd also like to give a big thanks to Fran for providing me with a lot of sources to get my blog out there! Great blogger with a beautiful blog<3 Check out Vampyre Gurls Book Club Here

vampyre gurls book club

1 comment:

  1. I came over to say hi & saw this! What an awesome surprize! I am truly, truly, truly flattered :)
    I am speechless..lolz..Ur too sweet & I never knew this meme existed. I am def going to participate next week & I already know who my blog love post is gonna be ;)
    I added ur button to my rolling blog love marquee too.
    DO you have an email addy I can send u a message to?
    I found the coolest new place to go its the "blog a holic social network" another website for bloggers like us, advertise ur blog, gain followers, meet other ppl, etc.
    There is a button towards the bottom of my blog u can click on to take u there.
    I am writing a review for EVE & watching "The Lying Game" after the book series :)I read a few pages of book 1 & now am gonna get it again.
    Have u gotten the new book "Bloodlines" ? It's supposed to be the next new part of the "Vampire Academy" series.
    DO you read e books?
    Please give me an email addy for you..
    Thank you again you totally rock!


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