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Monday, August 22, 2011

Musing Mondays [1]

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading
This week's musing:
Do you prefer character-driven stories, or plot-driven stories?

Ultimately I prefer character-driven stories, because when a character is really great and has really admirable qualities they make me want to learn more about them and sometimes I want to be more like them. A good example would have to be Tris from Divergent. She was so brave and so driven I just fell in love with her personality and her flaws. She was just so real. Another example would have to be Jack from Blood Red Road. Right away I fell in love with Jack's snarky attitude and caring demeanor, I wanted him in my life right away. However, plot-driven stories also grab me. Sometimes I can overlook a poorly written character if the plot is fast paced and exciting. Either way, if a story is lacking in both quality characters and plot I probably won't read it. I don't know who would haha.


  1. I'm a little bit of both, because I really believe that both are needed to make a truly epic story. Plot driven books tend to lack that personal touch and character driven books tend to lack that "thought-out" feeling. I guess I'm a middle of the road type of girl ;) But when they pair and excellent plot with an excellent character - that is when you have epic - like The Hunger Games.

  2. I'm also gonna have to go with both. A book needs a little bit of both, a character and plot-driven story, in order to be a fun, interesting read. Nice weekly meme! I'm also going to add Divergent and Blood Red Road on my to-read list this summer. Thanks!

  3. Divergent is awesome!! I highly recommend it!! SO GOOD.

  4. I'm also someone who likes both. I feel like something is lacking otherwise. I really need to read Divergent, every one keeps saying it's awesome.


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