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Monday, October 24, 2011

Musing Monday [9]

Musing Monday is hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading! This week’s musing asks…
Do you listen to audiobooks? Why, or why not?

In fact.. I don't. I've tried, whether it's listening in the car or while I work out, but I can never get into it as I would a regular book. I feel like I'm focusing on too many other things when I'm listening to an audiobook, which prevent me from really digging into the story.

I also have a really clear picture of what characters look and sound like, so I don't like to have voices and images picked for me. It's sort of a weird in between of reading a book and watching the movie. It's like reader's purgatory :)

If you are in fact interested in audiobooks though, I'm giving away a copy of Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan in audiobook format to one lucky winner :) Enter Here

Make sure to leave a link to your post so I can check it out :)


  1. Yay!! =) I can't really focus on them either. I use to listen to them when I was younger with my dad!

    This is my first. Just really started my blog :)

  2. I listen to Audiobooks everyday now. I didn't use to though. But I got used to it. However, I do read the book first, then listen to the audiobook. The only thing that draws me attention is the audiobook narrator. Thank you for sharing your answer.


  3. Try listening in the bath or while you're out for a walk - fewer distractions. ;)

    Here's my Musing Mondays post. :)

  4. If I had a longer commute or traveled a lot, I might enjoy them more. But trying to use them in my everyday live, my mind tends to wander too.

  5. Caite ^ and I have the same answer! I can't read them without getting distracted but on a long car ride, they would be nice.

    And I agree too that I don't like the voices "chosen for me"!

  6. Yay, exactly! I don't like audiobooks either, I get distracted too easily! I always have a clear picture of what the characters may look/sound like so I don't like voices picked for me either.
    Here's my MM post
    Vicky @ Books, Biscuits & Tea

  7. I can't get into audiobooks. Every time I've tried, I start doing other things and tuning out. I think it's the way I learn too. I learn and understand things by reading, rather than listening. But my son is opposite.. he learns and retains everything from lectures, but not reading the material. And he likes audiobooks.


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