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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Unicorns Are Better Than Zombies!

Why Unicorns Are Better Than Zombies by ME!
Unicorns are way better than Zombies. Zombies drool. Literally, their jaws are falling off and they just drool everywhere. That's just gross. They're falling apart! Their limbs just fall off willy nilly which is so gross on so many levels. Sure, they're scary, but why would you wanna be around a group of flesh eating monsters when you could hang out with an amazing and gorgeous Unicorn? Also, Unicorns can heal ANYTHING. That's just so awesome! They could cure cancer! Or AIDS! Who wouldn't want an amazing and glorious animal like that around, curing people and being beautiful?? Also, the Unicorn could probably stab the zombie through the heart which would CURE IT! The Unicorns can CURE ZOMBIES! That's just epic on so many levels. I'm sure there are a million other reasons why Unicorns are better than zombies, but I'm going to let some friends give you their reasons :)

Why Unicorns Are Better Than Zombies by Jodi Meadows, age mumblemumble
Unicorns are clearly superior to zombies. Looks aside (another area in which unicorns excel), unicorns are fast, graceful, and come with a weapon on their forehead. They can decapitate a zombie within seconds.

Unicorns are killing machines.

Even should a zombie get a lucky bite, unicorns are 100% life force. They will be unaffected by a zombie's bite. There's really no contest.

Why Unicorns are Better Than Zombies by Cary Cummings
For as long as I can remember I've loved Unicorns and their mysterious nature. They're constantly glorified in songs, poems, and literature. Yet, no matter how much they're talked about, no one can really harness the true beauty and magic of a Unicorn. Legends span the globe regarding what a Unicorn may or may not be, but I grew up listening to stories of their astounding beauty, graceful poise and fierceness. All of those things make me Team Unicorn, cause' the Unicorn can't be touched, ridiculed, or captured. However, it can exist in the spirit of your own imagination, and be a hero in every way!

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Why do you think Unicorns are better than zombies??


  1. Great post. I am seeing that Unicorns are pretty awesome, but I still stand by my choice of Team Zombie!!

  2. I am torn between the two... I've loved unicorns far as long as I can remember. But I have a thing for zombies lately. I'm tied. :(

  3. LOL. I'm torn too. I mean you and your fellow Unicorn lovers do make a very compelling argument here, it's just that, gah!, Zombies are also cool. Can't I just be Team Zombiecorn?

  4. Great post! I love unicorns. especially the dangerous Diana Peterfreud ones. New Follower.

  5. True story! lol Go team unicorn!

  6. Great post with some good points but zombies are still way cooler. ;) lol
    Janiera @This is From my Heart

  7. Blah, blah, blah.. TEAM ZOMBIE!!

    (shh.. I still hold a place in my heart for unicorns)


  8. I'm totally team Zombie all the way. If a unicorn stabbed a zombie through the heart and cured it, it would still have a big unicorn horn in their heart. Then the person would just be dead. Poor ex-zombie!

    Unicorns can be turned into zombies, which is why we have Zombicorns!!! Interesting how unicorn propaganda fails to mention it....;)

  9. I'll give unicorns credit. Their healing power is pretty neat, they have a weapon on their head, AND they were in the first Harry Potter book. Buuuut, I'm still Team Zombie even if they do drool a lot and they're not mentioned in Harry Potter.

    - Jackie


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