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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zombies vs. Unicorns: Guest Post With Giselle!!!

Today I have the fabulous Giselle from Xpresso Reads on the blog! She's going to tell us a bit about why she thinks Zombies are so much better than Unicorns. Even though they're not. :) 

Why Zombies are Better than Unicorns

If we're talking pretty, I admit, unicorns are up there with the angels and princesses, while the zombies are down the chart with dead fish and spiders (hate those things). But, in the scale of awesomeness, zombies top the chart with unstoppable hoards, gut-wrenching gore and - especially in the case of 28 Days Later zombies - not as dumb as you think!

Unicorns stay in their little castle and eat unifood, play with their unifriends. Who cares, right? Ooh a Unicorn Apocalypse - umm what does that entail exactly? Unicorns coming together to try and hit us with their horns? Or maybe they will use their healing power to turn our zombies back to life? Maybe. But isn't it the unicorn horns that keeps the magic? So say, a zombie attacks and breaks it off, the unicorn becomes a plain old horsie. Would horses win against zombies in a zombipocalypse? Not likely. They can run, and they can probably fight off a few here and there. But what's so scary about zombies and make them unstoppable: they never stop coming. The whole world population turned zombies, against a few horses, eventually the horsie will get tired of running and will have to succumb.

That's when the zombie turns a unicorn into a zombicorn. Which is, in my opinion, epic!

Are you Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?!


  1. TEAM Unicorn all the way! They are just so much more interesting and have a varied history. Zombies are so gross.

  2. Team Zombie!! Unless of course we have Zombiecorns. That would be epic!

  3. Team Zombie! I would say Zombicorns are still part of Team Zombie. All the magic unicorns in the world are no match for a rotting, oozing zombie horde.

  4. But, if the Zombie has to de horn he unicorn, in order to make it a horse and weak enough to defeat ans Zomiefy, then it would just be a Zombie Horse. not a zombiecorn.. am I wrong?


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