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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Short Blogging Hiatus!

Quick Blogging Hiatus!

Hey lovely wonderful followers and friends! I just wanted to make this quick post to let you know I'm taking a short hiatus form the blog this weekend. I've been working my butt off with school and my new job, and I haven't seen much of my boyfriend or my friends so I'm going to take the weekend off from blogging to sort of settle my affairs if you will. I'd like to get some reading done, as well as some homework assignments I've been putting off. I'll also be spending some quality time with the man in my life and just doing some good ol relaxing. I hope you don't miss me too much, but I'll be back Monday :) I'd also just like to bypass Sunday completely at this point and pick up with "What I Got" post next week... Hopefully the drama will settle down by then! Have a great weekend everyone!!

P. S. I'll still be on le Twitter :) 


  1. ^ LOL Tara :D :D
    Enjoy your weekend hun! I'm supposed to be taking this week off as well but so far, all I've managed to do is sleep. Haha. :) x

  2. go have a good time and never mind twitter and the blogosphere..we will all be here on Monday!!!!

  3. OH YEAH. Totally know what you mean. It's gotta be tough trying to balance all that out so GOOD LUCK and have fun this weekend!

  4. enjoy your weekend!

    fyi, Katie is going to do a book haul with a link at the end of her post. No need to credit her for it, she just wants a place for others to leave their link. if you want to do that. x)

  5. Geez, I suppose I'll go ahead and forgive you ;)

    I think we all need to take some time to remember what's important to us...

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  6. Hey, I just discovered your blog through goodreads! Love your reviews and discussion topics!

    Enjoy your blog vacation :)

    Steph & The Caffeinated Reader

  7. We all need a break every now and then. Take care of you and the man in your life, then come back refreshed and kicking butt :D


    ♥JJ iReads♥

  8. Totally understandable!! A break is always helpful! Have fun and relax this weekend!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  9. A break is needed sometimes. I don't blame you. We will still be here when you return. :) Love ya chick!!

  10. Always good to take a break! Enjoy! = )


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