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Monday, June 18, 2012

New Blog Design!!!!

In case you didn't already notice, I have a new blog design!!!!! I am so so so excited about it, and I am so crazy in love with it I can't even contain my joy :D The amazing Jude at In Between started doing blog designs and she offered to make one for me!!!  I was super thrilled when I got her email, and I am so happy with the way it turned out! If you need an amazing, sophisticated layout I definitely recommend going to Jude!

And look at all the cool banners she made for my posts!

Ahhhhhhhh I love them :D This girl is amazing!!!!! So thank you soooo much Jude! If you need a new design for your blog I definitely recommend going to Jude!


  1. I love it :) Goes so well with your blog name

  2. The design looks AWESOME! I love the vintage, antique vibe. And what better vehicle for exploration than a sailboat? Love it!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  3. It looks great, Anna! and I adore your banners too! Cute :)

  4. The post banners are gorgeous! So's the new design.

  5. Gorgeous new design! It looks fantastic. Updating your button on my blogroll!

  6. I love the new design. It is simple and beautiful. The banners are great too. I'm off to update your blog button in my blog roll!!

  7. Your new design is freakin' gorgeous!! I'm in love with it! The washed out colors are especially beautiful. I'll have to check out Jude's designs should I ever decide to change mine in the future :)

  8. Love it! It's simple yet beautiful! Love the post banners as well! =D

  9. I love your new blog design! I already grabbed your new button :)


  10. Love the new nautical-themed design!!

  11. Love it! It looks really great, Anna. :)

  12. Uniquely beautiful - I LOVE it!! <3

  13. I love it!!!!! Jude is so amazing when it comes to re-designing blogs, too bad I don't have the cash to get a custom design, maybe one day....

  14. Found you via Jude's design blog! I adore your design, it's very pretty and it looks amazing! Jude is so wonderful and talented and I can't thank her enough for redesigning my little blog too :)

    Now following your awesome blog!


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