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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Team Human by Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan

Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan
Expected Publication Date: July 3rd, 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
Page Count: 344 pages
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review * 
Just because Mel lives in New Whitby, a city founded by vampires, doesn't mean she knows any of the blood-drinking undead personally. They stay in their part of town; she says in hers. Until the day a vampire shows up at her high school. Worse yet, her best friend, Cathy, seems to be falling in love with him. It's up to Mel to save Cathy from a mistake she might regret for all eternity

On top of trying to help Cathy (whether she wants it or not), Mel is investigating a mysterious disappearance for another friend and discovering the attractions of a certain vampire wannabe. Combine all this with a cranky vampire cop, a number of unlikely romantic entanglements, and the occasional zombie, and soon Mel is hip-deep in an adventure that is equal parts hilarious and touching.

Acclaimed authors Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan team up to create a witty and poignant story of cool vampires, warm friendships, and the changes that test the bonds of love.
Team Human is just one big vampire cliche after another (in a good way!) The writing is funny, witty, sarcastic, and satirical, poking fun at all the different vampire myths and stories we've grown so accustomed to these days. It was incredibly refreshing to read something that wasn't taking the insta-love, vampire romance seriously. Mel is the complete opposite of Bella Swan, and Cathy is a seriously hilarious version of the popular protagonist. Imagine all of your favorite vampire stories rolled into one and performed as a skit on SNL. That's Team Human, and that's why I loved it!

Mel is such a great character, and I loved reading from her point of view. She's completely anti-vamp and when her best friend, Cathy, falls for one she does everything in her power to sway the girl's mind. This is the kind of friend that Bella Swan needed when she started making googly eyes at Edward! Not only is Mel loyal to her bff, but she's also incredibly funny! Some of the things she says just made me laugh out loud! Sadly, I didn't find anything particularly swoon-worthy about either of the love interests, and some of the side characters had minor plot twists that I didn't think were necessary, but overall I enjoyed this eclectic group of friends.

The story itself is so weird. There's a lot of romance as well as mystery going on. The kind of mystery I like where the protagonist doesn't stop searching for answers despite the danger that might be lurking in the shadows. There were a lot of twists that I wasn't able to guess, and the ending definitely had me shocked! I always love being surprised with plot twists and that was definitely one of them! The actual ending was pretty predictable, but I wasn't disappointed in the least! Even the writing is so well done, both Larbalestier and Rees Brennan were able to capture the voice of a witty teenage girl and I loved it! Job well done ladies!

Overall I definitely enjoyed reading Team Human. While it did have some flaws, it was an excellent satirical take on the modern day vampire love story. There are even a few zombies thrown in for good measure! The story is fast-paced, exciting, and laugh out loud funny, you won't want to put it down! Fans of all vampire novels will get a kick out of this one, and I'd really love to see these ladies write a spin on another popular creature! Werewolves anyone!?


  1. Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I've been waiting to get a copy of this for ages, and I also want to meet Justine Larbalestier when she speaks at a bookstore in a few weeks! This seems like such a fun and light read and I do love good satire. Great review!

    Nicole @ Teenage Fiction

  3. Sounds really funny! I like a nice light and fluffy joke vampire book every now and then. I love a good mystery too with twists and turns.

  4. I love your comparison to an SNL skit! That makes me put Team Human to the top of my "To Read" list!!! I'm in the mood for a good satire too, so thanks for the great review and getting me excited for this one!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  5. Imagine all of your favorite vampire stories rolled into one and performed as a skit on SNL. Love that line!! Also oooh the idea of a twist ending is making me even more interested in this book. I love a good twist! Even though the romance was okay, I'm so glad that the friendships made up for it. Yay friendship! I'm excited for this one. :)

  6. Mystery , humor, and plot twists?!! Count me in!! This sounds like a very entertaining book. I have been wanting to read it, but now I am convinced that I really need to. Great review!!

  7. I actually didn't know anything about this book. It sounds so, so funny. I'll definitely add this to my tbr. Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Another review of this book that makes me want to clap my hands and laugh. AH! I really want to read this book. I love Sarah Rees Brennan, and reviews like this just make me all the more excited. Wonderful review, Anna. Goodness knows I love a good laugh when I'm reading a book.

    Have an awesome day!

  9. This I've got to read!lol Great review! When I first heard of the title I laughed out loud. Glad you liked it!

  10. This just sounds like a hilarious book!! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on this one. It just sounds so dang FUNNY. And that makes me want to read it desperately! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one so much, Anna, even though you didn't fall in love with it.

    Awesome review! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  11. This is the kind of friend that Bella Swan needed when she started making googly eyes at Edward!


    Yeah this one was kinda quirky and different. But I spent so much time laughing at Cathy and mentally high-fiving Mel that I really, really enjoyed it. Great review, chica!

  12. I'm so excited to read this book! It's very high on my to-read list. :) And it would be really awesome if they did their twist on werewolves or something! I would definitely read that.

  13. I really want to read this one! I recently read Fang Girl by Helen Keeble and it was sooo funny. I've been wanting to find more satirical takes on paranormal after that and now I think I have found it. Great review!

  14. You know I ALWAYS love your reviews! I cant wait to get my hands on this one! I sure need a very good laugh! Thanks for the review!

  15. I love the idea of a satirical take on the current "vampire culture" this sounds like a fun read!

  16. Great review! It sounds like I'm going to love this book. I love a hilarious parody and I'm a huge SNL fan so I like what you said about this book being like a vampire skit. Also yes zombies are thrown in too! Can't wait to read this!

  17. I had no idea this was going to be so funny. I am really excited for it now. I love a good fun book that doesn't take itself too seriously. Thanks for the great review, Anna!


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