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Friday, August 24, 2012

Discussion: Why don't people visit me?!

“Hi Anna!
So, I've been blogging for well over a year and a half and I have something that is nagging me: I post weekly, at least 2 or 3 reviews a week, I comment on a lot of blogs and I interact with others on social media. I still can't seem to find my "readers." After such a long time, I thought I'd have readers to interact with but I don't seem to. What can I do to get more readers? I do blog for my love of reading....but having someone read my thoughts would be nice too. Any advice?” - Sad Blogger
I don't think there's any specific way to get people to come to your blog. Obviously, commenting and networking are good ways to put yourself out there, but there's no guarantee that people will come. I know it can be really disheartening when you work so hard and put so much effort into your blog and no one comes by to read what you have to say. I've definitely struggled with that, but I've found that the best way to get people to visit your blog is to comment, comment, comment.

How do I get people to notice me?
I hate to say it, but when you're first trying to build your following up the best ways to get people to visit are memes and giveaways. Should you resort to posting only memes and giveaways? No, of course not. But participating in a few giveaway hops always gets a ton of people to stop by your blog. And memes typically get the most pageviews for me, because so many people participate in them and you all link up together. I've found that a lot of people who start visiting because of Waiting on Wednesday or a giveaway hop begin to come back regularly and read reviews, discussions, etc.

Comment, comment, comment.
Commenting on other people's posts is a great way to get noticed. The best way to get people to return the favor is to leave a link to your blog. I always leave one that says “Anna @ Literary Exploration” and then have “Literary Exploration” link directly to my blog. Like this: Anna @ < a href= “” > Literary Exploration < /a> Make sure there are no spaces in your link. This makes it easier for people to see what you have to offer because they can just click on your link and be taken directly to your site. And make sure you post meaningful comments. I don't take people seriously when they leave comments that are just like, “Oh awesome review!” Because, let's be honest, I don't think they read my review. Why was it so awesome?? I just skip right over comments like that, it's obvious those people are just looking for people to come visit them.

And in order to get people to come back regularly you have to put in a lot of time. I spend about an hour a day going through my Google reader and commenting on posts. When I was first gaining my following it was anywhere from 3-4 hours a day. I am not even kidding you. You have to work hard to get yourself noticed, and it isn't something that happens over night. You have to be seriously committed.

Make yourself a regular.
Just commenting a couple of times on one blog won't get you a lot of recognition. It's important to make yourself a regular presence on someone else's blog. I notice when the same people come back and comment on my posts every day. Those people are obviously interested in any and all things that I have to say which makes me want to return the favor. If I see your name popping up on all of my reviews I'll take you more seriously. By regularly visiting a blog you'll become noticed and that person will be more willing to return the favor.

Also, make sure you're a regular poster. Make a posting schedule for yourself and stick with it. If you post at least 5-6 days a week and people know you'll always be hosting new content then you'll become a reliable blogger. When your name pops up in my reader every day it helps show how committed you are. People like consistency and when you have a new and different post every day of the week and I know I can visit you on a certain day and find the same thing as last week it scores points. I have a weekly blogging schedule that I follow (most of the time) religiously. Mondays & Thursdays are for reviews, Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Saturdays are for memes, Fridays are discussion posts, and Sundays are my catch up day so I don't post anything :P But not only does it make things easier for me, it makes things easier for my followers. Sometimes I'll throw in an interview, guest post, or blog tour, but those always go up on days that I would regularly post a review or something.

Social Media!
Okay so I love Twitter. Like... with a flaming passion. I have the app for it on all of my electronic devices and I spend more time tweeting than texting my friends. Is this healthy? Probably not. Do I care? No. Twitter is the best way to get your blog out there. By making friends with other bloggers on Twitter and other social media sites you'll be able to send out links to your posts which your multitude of Twitter followers will click on and visit. I've met a lot of bloggers on Twitter and ended up following their blogs because of it. When you're a nice, social person, people will want to visit your blog because you're so awesome online!

Be original and interesting.
Posting memes and reviews isn't always good enough when it comes to getting people to regularly visit. Some of my favorite posts are discussions (like this one!) and different things that sort of mix it up. I love doing/reading author interviews and any time I see one I immediately have to read it. Don't conform to what you think the blogosphere wants, just do what you love. Your passion is reflected through your writing so as long as you stay true to yourself (so cheesy, I know) people will want to visit you. Make yourself stand out. In a community where there are thousands of us, it's hard to be original, but if you come up with a cool idea for a post just go for it! People like reading things that are new and interesting!

Don't be afraid to speak your mind. If you have an opinion about a controversial topic, post about it! Say what you want, when you want. If there's a scandal going around in the blogging world, write about it! People want to hear refreshing thoughts and ideas about the things affecting their community.

What are some tips you have for gaining a regular following? Can you recommend any good ways to get people to continuously visit and comment on your posts? 

Leave your discussion requests! Do you have any questions? I'll answer them :)


  1. Great post!

    Hahaha ... just kidding!! ;-P

    You're giving some real good advice here, not just for blogging newbies. I guess many think that their blog's a stage and the audience will just appear out of thin air, but this isn't a one-way-street no matter how great the content of your blog is - if you don't interact with other bloggers, leave comments, etc it's going to be a one-blogger-show. And obviously that's not what anyone would want (at least not to my knowledge).

    1. It's definitely true. Even on the days when I don't get online much and I can't manage to post a lot of comments I notice my readership goes down. It's all about putting in the time to network and put yourself out there. If you don't take the time to stop by other blogs they're not going to know you exist!

  2. Fabulous post, Anna! I love your discussion posts and hearing your thoughts on different topics :)

    I am inspired. I'm goign on a commenting spree (kinda like a shopping spree, except with comments).


    1. I always manage to get at least one comment spree out there a week :) Great choice!

  3. that is SUCH a great discussion post! totally agree with everything you've said.
    memes are important to gain more readers and also commenting!!!! (! emphasizing how important it is!) especially if its not only on memes but also on their normal posts. I find that more important.

    thanks Anna~

    Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. I think people take memes for granted. Sure, if you fill your blog up with them and you don't post any original content you become boring and lazy. But if you use them to promote great books as well as let people know about your awesome blog they can do a lot of good for you!

  4. You've definitely hit the nail on the head right here. I completely agree with everything that you've said, even if I don't put it into practice as much as I should! But I'm definitely planning on changing that, and this was the kick up the butt that I needed!

  5. Is it bad that it makes me feel better to see you say you would spend 3-4 hours a day commenting and checking out other blogs? Because that is definitely what I was doing! So glad I am not alone! lol Though I have forced myself to cut back because I was starting to get depressed with the amount of reading time it took away from.

    I also found memes and giveaways are a good way to get a following but totally agree with it being memes that really have produced followers who tend to stick around and visit more often. And I love how I have found new blogs to follow regualrly as well!

    Thank you for the tips Anna. I am going to start leaving a link to my blog with comments to see if that helps any for me as well. :D

    Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  6. Great post hon!! I spend a lot of time visiting and commenting on other blogs, but I also have a lot of regulars on my blog too. I may bot have a ton of followers, but people do interact with me and that's something I really enjoy. And twitter is definitely a big part of getting viewers. Between tweets and RT's it really does spread the word.

  7. Fantastic post Anna. I agree with the fact that meaningful comments need to be left, I hate it when on a WoW post I get a comment that just says "Great pick!" with a link to their post. If you want me to put some effort in, then you are going to have to as well. I personally have found that commenting and Networking via social media has been helping me get my readership up. If you comment, they will come!

    Jenni @ Alluring Reads.

    See what I did there? Stole your trick :)

  8. Thanks for the great advice. I've been blogging for about 9 months now and have found what you said to be absolutely correct. The most visitors have stopped by with memes and giveaways. Thanks again!

  9. Keep the discussion posts coming...mentioned you on meme last week because I love the interesting articles on top of the reviews.

  10. Great discussion! I definitely agree with what you say. For me I have noticed leaving meaningful comments and visiting blogs regulary help. I also love the Waiting on Wednesday meme it's my favorite one and how I find some new blogs. I'm obsessed with twitter too and tweeting links to my reviews definitely help me a lot too. Great advice thanks! :)

  11. It's a crazy coincidence that you shared this today. I was just asking one of my friends the same thing. I do quite a bit of blog hopping and commenting, and though my traffic increases daily, the number of followers doesn't budge. I have a feeling that I need to incorporate more interesting content. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be hosting a book tour soon. *excited*

    M. Kay @ A World of Mine

  12. I seem to be looking forward to these discussion posts....
    Anyway, great advice! I find that Twitter is a HUGE reason why people come to my blog. Huge. Also, commenting on other peoples' blogs is a lot of work, but totally worth it. Being a newbie blogger isn't easy and is really time consuming, but I regret none of it because I just love it when I get comments! And I found that by doing a six month blogoversary on my blog, I gained A LOT of new followers. Like, over ten of them in a matter of a few days.
    I still don't think I have 'regulars' yet, but I hope to get there soon :)
    Great advice!

  13. I could not agree more...I did the same...tried to build up an audience by participating in hops and memes and then commented on tons of blogs for hours a day until I could see which ones would return comments and who I could build a mutual relationship down...then I did some weeding in my reader so now I only spend about an hour a day commenting.

  14. Any time I post a giveaway, I have pretty much no one who enters. I'm like, cmon, this is free stuff! Maybe I just don't have enough followers yet...only been blogging about books for 5-6 months - hopefully it will get better after I've been at it at least a year.

  15. gr8 post. my comments are rather short but i doo mean them .

  16. Anna, I love your discussion posts so much. It always seems like you put so much time and thought into them. I completely agree with you. Commenting and tweeting are the way to go. But you have to be sincere about it. And the sincere ones stick around. :)

    Amazing job!

  17. Great post! I definitely agree about it being a lot of work and commenting makes a huge difference. Before I had kids I would spend hours as well going through my reader and commenting on other blogs. Now that my time is so much more limited I definitely noticed a decrease in my stats.

  18. I love this feature on your blog. It's so great! How did I not know about it until now? Ahh!

    Anyhoo, I completely agree with you about commenting on other people's blogs. Soley doing that for an hour a day helps a lot. It's also a great way to read reviews.

    One sure way to get your follower count up is to make it an option in any giveaway you do. People would definitely follow if the giveaway prize is books.

    I can't wait to read more about your discussion posts Anna!

  19. Thank you so much for this post! I find it really helpful, especially since I just started blogging last month. I definitely agree with what you said about memes. I find that on my "Waiting on Wednesday" meme I get the most visitors and new followers that tend to keep coming back. Thanks for the tip on leaving your link in the comments, I'll have to start doing that soon!

  20. Great post Anna I totally agree about the commenting! Ugh I can't get the html to work for linking to the blog while commenting. IDK why but I suck with html. Would you mind emailing me the code? :) :)


  21. Really informative post! I had been wondering the same thing about visitations and I got some great tips. I really do need to start commenting more and not "lurking" so much so maybe my followers/readers will do the same. I have been partaking in memes lately, particularly Top Ten Tuesday, and I've been noticing a difference. :]

  22. great tips, anna. it does indeed take a lot of work to get people to come visit the blog. i admit that i don't always comment as much as i should sometimes. but i always appreciate when people comment on my blog and do a visit back. i've found some really cool blogs this way.

    thuy @ nite lite

  23. Blogging is all about give and take - you get what you give. As awesome as we all are, folks still need a reason to come by our blogs, and they need to know that their efforts are being noticed. I've started commenting back on a post of everyone that comes to my blog, and I've noticed my returning numbers going up. GREAT post, Anna. This is solid, awesome advice for ALL bloggers!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  24. I'm SO late for this discussion. I lived in a cave for awhile. Haha.

    I just want to say that I love your blogging discussions. Your tips are really helpful to all the bloggers out there! In the beginning I didn't really care much. But now I realize that blogging is a no joking matter! Like you've pointed out, blogging requires lots of effort and patience in order to be successful. Not everyone will like your posts instantly. So I'll keep in mind great blog content, memes, giveaways and to comment, comment, comment! Thanks:)


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