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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am going Back to School!!

Yes, you heard right. I'm going back to school and I'm not excited about it! Well.. I'm kind of excited about it because it means I'll actually have to leave my house and I can't just sit around like a lazy bum all day... which has been my summer. I am excited because this is my last year of college!!!! *fingers crossed* Hopefully by next summer I'll be graduating and I'll have a shiny degree in English :) Doesn't that sound fantastic?? I think so. 

Anyways, because I'm going back to school I probably won't be as present. Well, who am I kidding I'll probably put a lot of homework off so I can blog and read. I don't think I've been as involved with blogging over the summer as I should have been so I'm hoping I'll be able to balance everything out now that I'm back to working and being a functioning member of society. 

Because of these changes I'm getting rid of my New Releases post on Saturdays and I'm moving my Stacking the Shelves post to Saturdays. This way, I'll have Sundays free to catch up on commenting and pimping out all my reviews and posts from the previous week. I'm sure you'll all stick around because you're awesome and you love me and I love you :) I'm going to try to incorporate some school reading into my blog posts so that I can educate you somewhat ;) Enjoy your time back at school everyone!!

Also, I got brand new school supplies (I buy them every year even though I don't need them) because I'm ridiculously addicted to post-its, pens, and highlighters and I'm SO excited to use them all :D

Happy summer everyone!!


  1. Congratulations, Anna!! I think that's wonderful, hope your school year/homework flies by and you'll have that shiny new degree before you know it <3 :)

  2. Senior year - yeah! Looking forward to the school-related readings. Good luck!

  3. Congrats! So exciting to be this close to finishing (I'm heading into my last year of grad school, so I feel the excitement too!). Hope you have a fantastic year, and enjoy those new supplies!

  4. Good luck at your last year! Have fun and enjoy it :) this is my last year of law school so I totally know how you feel. And I share your love of new school supplies. I love stocking up :)

  5. Yay! So awesome!! I hope that your last year goes great for you. I totally love school supplies too. Even though I am not in school I always go buy notebooks and pens and stuff when they are all on sale for the upcoming school year!! :)

  6. Good luck! I hope your senior year is a total blast :-)

  7. Enjoy your last year of school...and no worries I am awesome and will stick around! LOL <3

  8. i love buying new school supplies, too. :) good luck with school!

  9. I hope you have an awesome year at school! Your last year sounds so alluring doesn't it? I hope you have an awesome time and I am totally obsessed with school supplies as well. Something about it just makes me want to run around the supply store grabbing random supplies I don't need -.-

  10. Aw, I hope you have an amazing, brilliant last year of school!

    P.S - Getting excited over new school supplies? Your cute!

    P.P.S - I love getting new, awesome, cute stationary each year, too ;)


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