About Me

Hello my name is Anna and I’m a bookaholic.

It all started in 3rd grade when my teacher read us Harry Potter in class. As soon as she finished I immediately begged my mom to buy me the next one and I’ve

had a book in my hand ever since.

I’m a glutton for all things paranormal, but I never restrict myself to one genre. I usually read several books at a time and I have to keep notes so I don’t mix story-lines up. I’ve always been a bit put off by contemporaries because they are just to real for me. I like to live in the fantastic.

I started this blog back in March of 2011 as a way to keep up with my writing while I wasn’t in school. I’ve found that not only has blogging helped me open up more as a person, but my writing skills have drastically improved. I fall more in love with the community every day and I spend more time on Twitter than should be considered healthy.
I’ve sort of fallen off the blogging wagon, but I’m really trying to get back into it!